Annual income of Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Annual income,average age,years of service and employee number of Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Nomura Holdings, Inc.

Annual income
14,550K yen42.44.0132
14,510K yen42.34.0127
15,160K yen42.33.6111
15,790K yen42.23.3102
14,880K yen41.53.1132
13,350K yen41.72.9146
13,670K yen39.33.6162
13,610K yen40.52.665
10,610K yen39.62.150
11,360K yen38.81.152
13,980K yen39.71.352
14,520K yen42.41.821
12,510K yen44.31.119
11,590K yen44.31.87
11,340K yen44.11.37

Remarks: Data from securities report

Category of industry

Securities and Commodities Futures

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