Annual income in "Electric Power and Gas" category

CompanyAnnual IncomeAverage AgeDate
RENOVA,Inc.9,430K yen41.0
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated8,020K yen44.9
METAWATER Co.,Ltd.7,800K yen41.9
The Chugoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated7,790K yen43.8
Chubu Electric Power Company,Incorporated7,670K yen42.6
Shikoku Electric Power Company, Incorporated7,660K yen43.9
Kyushu Electric Power Company, Incorporated7,620K yen43.0
Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.7,610K yen41.0
The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated7,580K yen43.0
The Okinawa Electric Power Company,Incorporated7,540K yen39.4
Tohoku Electric Power Company,Incorporated7,460K yen42.8
eREX Co.,Ltd.7,290K yen41.5
TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated7,190K yen43.7
Hokkaido Electric Power Company, Incorporated7,010K yen41.3
Hokuriku Electric Power Company6,680K yen42.0
SHIZUOKAGAS CO., LTD.6,610K yen41.0
OSAKA GAS CO.,LTD.6,580K yen43.5
The Japan Atomic Power Company6,440K yen44.2
KEIYO GAS CO., LTD.6,400K yen41.1
MIYAZAKI GAS CO.,LTD.6,390K yen45.1
TOKYO GAS CO.,LTD.6,360K yen43.6
CHUBU GAS CO.,LTD.6,320K yen42.1
SHIKOKUGAS CO., LTD.6,220K yen41.0
Otaki Gas Co., Ltd.6,210K yen41.5
HOKURIKU GAS CO.,LTD.6,020K yen38.3
SAIBU GAS CO., LTD.5,990K yen44.0
The First Energy Service Company, Limited.5,930K yen40.7
TOHO GAS CO.,LTD.5,910K yen42.6
HOKKAIDO GAS CO., LTD.5,820K yen41.8
HIROSHIMA GAS CO., LTD.5,760K yen41.7
TOSAI GAS INC.5,760K yen39.7
Hirosaki Gas Co.,Ltd.5,750K yen38.2
NIPPON GAS Co.,Ltd.5,670K yen46.0
Hachinohe Gas Co.,Ltd.4,720K yen45.8